5 street foods to try out if you visit Guwahati.

For an authentic food experience you don't need to go to any high-end restaurants. Rather visit one of the local stalls that dish out local delicacies.

Dec 15, 2021 - 21:30
5 street foods to try out if you visit Guwahati.
Guwahati, Kamakhya Temple

- By Swarnashikha Paul

If you are a foodie, then without a second thought just wear on your woolen clothes and go to the local stalls to enjoy the dishes. 

Here are a list of some street foods that you must try if you visit Guwahati. 


Every corner of India has its own variation on chaat. Guwahati is not exception in this regard. Jhalmuri is a sweet, sour and spicy mix of puffed rice , herbs, nuts and chutneys. The jhalmuri here becomes more mouth watering when mixed with mustard oil or local star fruit kodoi. 


A traditional Assamese dish, Thukpa is full of flavours served vegetarian or with chicken, pork or prawns garnished with onion and fresh herbs . The fragrance of lemongrass and ginger is what satisfies your hunger pangs. 


Delicate noodles stir fried with fresh crispy vegetables , choumein is one such dish that shares names across borders. Rebati Chat House on M. N Road is attracting all the foodies out there for their choumein. 


An Assamese dish khaar, is very heartwarming dish prepared with pulses ,vegetables and duck, fish or meat. Have a bowl of this food which gives an unexpected burst of unusual yet refreshing flavor. 


A popular sweet in most Indian cities is jalebi and Guwahati is no exception for this. You can find many stalls selling hot jalebis. Jalebi is the national sweet dish of India. 

      With strong influences from its neighbouring states and countries, Assam has developed some unique foods. In Guwahati you will find hundreds of food vendors on street corners with handcarts or bicycles. If you are looking to experience good food for a good mood street food should definitely be on your list

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