For every Bengali around the world, the autumnal festival marks a time of happy tides and geniality. Durga Puja is not just a festival, rather it's an emotion for every Bengali and Barakians. In Barak valley which has a majority of Bengali Hindus, it is the biggest festival of the year for them. Durga Puja has been celebrated since the medieval period and has evolved and adapted with the passage of time. There are some special and unique things that We, the Bengalis do during durga puja... So, let's have a quick look upon them.

Oct 5, 2021 - 18:07

1. Mahalaya


 Mahalaya marks the beginning of Devi Paksha and end of Pitri Paksha. It is said that goddess Durga begins her journey with her children from Mount Kailash to her maternal home on Earth after Mahalaya. Sadarghat Bridge and Shidweshwar temple grabs all the attention on this day. People from all around visit these places and click pictures. Not mentioning about watching Mahalaya on TV would make this article incomplete. 

2. Shopping


Girls and women get themselves busy in shopping before a couple of months. But there are also people who do the last minute shopping.

3. Kaash Flowers

Kaash Flowers

The sight of kaash flowers swaying on our way makes our head nod in approval. We get to see live Ma Durga coming out from the Kaash flowers.

4. Plannings


It is October and the wait for Durga puja is in its last leg. People start planning little things from the matching jewellery to wear to the pandals to visit. 

5. Visit to Mission on Ashthami

Visit to Mission on Ashthami

Visiting Ramkrishna Mission on Ashthami is mandatory. It is the time of the year when Girls flaunt by wear their beautiful saree and Boys in their Punjabis.  Offering anjali to Ma Durga is the main motive. And then starts the photo session. The prospect of eating Khichudi and laabda makes you say 'ish jodi ekta lebu thakto loge jomigelo ne'. 

6. Ambicapatty adda

Ambicapatty adda

Artists from far off places come and entertain us with their songs and dances. People also participate in these programs with dhol, dhaak etc.Different types of songs like devotional songs, folk songs etc are being sung which is the centre of attraction here. Young boys and girls sit together for a swash of adda. 

7. Heaven time for foodies

Heaven time for foodies

We look forward  to the food stalls and the unending plates of momos biryani and egg rolls specially. Ending it with an ice cream is a must.

8. Visiting Udharbond

Visiting Udharbond
Copyright: Pinak Mahanto

It seems puja will be incomplete if we don't visit Udharbond. Every year it steals our heart with its unique pandal hopping. People flock from various regions of barak as well as from other states in large numbers to enjoy the various unique themes it offers.

9. Holding Competitions

Holding Competitions

 On the Navami, the puja committees hold competitions like dhunuchi naach, shonkho bajano, ulu dewa, dhamail nrityo. 

10. Shidur Khela and Dashami

Shidur Khela and Dashami

Women first perform Devi Baran,where the married women beat farewell to the Goddess Durga,then the women smear shidur on each other's forehead.The Barakians go to the bank of barak river for 'Visharjan'. Going to Visarjan Ghat with the idols and turning to an insane while dancing is another level of satisfaction during dashami. This is the most emotional moments for all as our Maa Durga goes back to her home only to return after 1 year.

We have so many things that we do during puja like reaching home at 5 in the morning and then waking up at 8 am for anjali seems absolutely no problem at all, putting status on whatsApp and Facebook like pujo pujo bhaab, can't wait more, opekkhar ar kota din, maa aschen becomes mandatory. 
These are the little things that Bengalis do during the time of Durga puja. The beats of dhaak energizes our soul and we again wait for a year to celebrate this great festival with enthusiasm and spirit.

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