VIHAAN Organizes Successful Free Health Check-up Camp at Tarapur, Udaynagar

Over 100 beneficiaries receive free health check-ups and medicines, with gratitude towards Dr. Aparajita Chakraborty and Mr. Tapan Kumar Das for their valuable contribution.

Jul 5, 2023 - 09:09
Jul 5, 2023 - 09:20
VIHAAN Organizes Successful Free Health Check-up Camp at Tarapur, Udaynagar

Tarapur, Udaynagar - VIHAAN, a renowned NGO committed to promoting healthcare and well-being, held a highly successful Free Health Check-up Camp on July 2, 2023, at Tarapur, Udaynagar. This noble initiative aimed to provide free health services to the underprivileged population in the region and was met with an overwhelming response from the community.

The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 100 beneficiaries availing themselves of the free health check-up and receiving essential medicines. The camp proved to be a vital resource for those who often lack access to adequate healthcare facilities due to financial constraints.

VIHAAN's commitment to improving the health and well-being of society was further amplified by the presence and dedication of esteemed medical professionals, Dr. Aparajita Chakraborty and Mr. Tapan Kumar Das. Their invaluable time and effort greatly contributed to the success of the health camp.

Dr. Chakraborty, a respected and experienced healthcare professional, offered her expertise and provided comprehensive medical consultations to the attendees. Her compassionate approach and willingness to lend a helping hand left a lasting impact on the beneficiaries, many of whom had not received professional medical attention for an extended period.

Mr. Das, a prominent philanthropist known for his dedication to social causes, played a crucial role in organizing the event and ensuring its smooth operation. His unwavering commitment to the community and his determination to make a difference served as an inspiration to all.

VIHAAN firmly believes that a healthy society begins with individuals taking charge of their own well-being. By conducting free health check-ups and offering essential medications, the NGO aimed to empower the underprivileged population to prioritize their health despite financial limitations.

The success of the Free Health Check-up Camp at Tarapur, Udaynagar, has underscored the urgent need for accessible healthcare services in marginalized communities. VIHAAN continues to work tirelessly towards bridging this gap and extending its reach to more underserved areas in the future.

The NGO extends its heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Aparajita Chakraborty and Mr. Tapan Kumar Das for their selfless dedication and valuable contributions. Their involvement in this noble endeavor has made a significant difference in the lives of the beneficiaries and serves as a shining example of compassion and service to the community.

VIHAAN remains committed to its mission of building a healthier society, one individual at a time. With continued support from the community and dedicated individuals like Dr. Chakraborty and Mr. Das, the organization aims to create a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most.

For further information about VIHAAN's upcoming initiatives or to contribute to their noble cause, please visit their Facebook or Instagram page or contact their office.

Reported by - Samdipto Chakravarti 

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