Electricity Tariff Has Further Increased to Rs 1.29 from 30 Paisa

APDCL has opted to increase electricity rates due to financial losses.

Oct 1, 2023 - 23:54
Electricity Tariff Has Further Increased to Rs 1.29 from 30 Paisa

Once again, electricity tariffs are on the rise in the state, with the Assam Electricity Distribution Company (APDCL) leading the charge in spite of its struggle to maintain consistent power supply. This time, APDCL has opted to increase electricity rates, raising them from 30 paise to 1.29 rupees per unit due to financial losses.

From October 1 to December 31, APDCL has initiated measures to generate funds in order to mitigate these losses. In essence, they are transferring the financial burden onto consumers, collecting additional funds for 99 days.

For instance, if a customer consumes 300 units in a month, they will be required to pay an extra 90 rupees. Similarly, those using up to 500 units will incur an additional charge of Rs.150, while those exceeding 500 units will face electricity fees of up to Rs.650. However, no additional charges will apply if electricity usage remains below 300 units.

Furthermore, the industrial and commercial sectors have also been hit with supplementary electricity tariffs. APDCL has attributed this decision to rising fuel and purchased electricity costs, sparking considerable backlash across the state.

It's worth noting that Chief Minister Himantaviswa Sharma had recently addressed concerns about electricity shortages, frequent power outages, and the recent tariff hikes due to losses. However, in contrast to the government's promise of 24-hour electricity supply, the Himantaviswa Sharma-led administration has chosen to increase tariffs, placing a heavier burden on the public.

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