Teacher thrashed for harassing and molesting a student in Silchar; investigation is going on and strict action will be taken if found guilty: SCS President Shantanu Roy

A Shameful incident took place in the city of Silchar. A minor girl student of Silchar Collegiate school has been sexually harrased by a teacher of her class.

Jan 25, 2022 - 14:34
Jan 31, 2022 - 08:59
Teacher thrashed for harassing and molesting a student in Silchar; investigation is going on and strict action will be taken if found guilty: SCS President Shantanu Roy

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The minor girl Jubeda Laskar (Name Changed) took private tuition from the teacher Rajiv Dey(Name Changed) at his residence from August 2019. As days passed and she started to went tuition regularly at Rajiv Dey's residence, she observed that her teacher intentionally used to touch her physically during the tuition classes. At the very first moment she used to avoid it, but later she started to feel uncomfortable as the teacher continued to touch her the same way.

On 7th January 2022, when the minor girl went to school as her 2nd Unit Test was going on. She sat in the exam wearing a denim jacket as it was a cold-weather outside. Later she started sweating, so she removed her jacket and kept it beside her. After a few minutes, the teacher came to the exam hall and asked her why she bought the jacket in the exam hall. After that, a heated argument went on between them. Then the teacher immediately call the other teachers and asked them to come to the exam hall. After the arrival, the rest of the teachers made her quiet and asked her to give her exam peacefully.

The minor girl also wrote a letter to the Headmistress of the school, complaining about the teacher. And from the last few days, the letter has been revolving around the WhatsApp statuses of many people.

In the letter, the girl says, "when I was in class 8 in the year 2019, I decided to take tuition from Rajiv Dey(Name Changed) the teacher of the school, for which my mother approached him and he agreed. As I started going to tuition at the teacher's residence in the month of August, I noticed that during the tuition classes he intentionally used to touch me physically which I at the very first moment used to avoid with my clean heart as he was my teacher. But after some time I used to feel uncomfortable as he continued to touch me physically".

She also said, "I can't recall the date as in the month of September, I as usual went to tuition on that day but as I entered his home, his wife left for some work. At that time he was alone and he locked the door of the room at which he took tuition after that, he started to abuse me physically and I was quite helpless. The next day when I went to his tuition he started doing the same thing but I protested against it and he told me to shut up as his family members were listening. From that day I didn't go to his tuition and he used to call me every day but I never received his call. After that incident, whenever I went to school, he used to poke me at every chance. I also shared this incident with Monojit Sir(Name Changed) in hope of getting justice. He soon informed Priyali Ma'am(Name Changed) but she replied that it's not a matter of school and that they can't help me in any way".

She further added 'On 7th January 2022, I went to school as my 2nd Unit Test was going on and it was my general science exam. As it's winter so almost all the students of the school used to wear different kinds of jackets and sweaters. I too used to wear a denim jacket. My exam started at 9 am and Rajiv Dey(Name Changed) was the examiner of the room in which I used to sit ( Room no.- 1 ). I wore the jacket during the exam and sat for a long time. At around 9:45 am I started sweating so I removed my jacket and kept it beside me. After 20 minutes after the removal of my jacket, Rajiv(Name Changed) came to me and asked me why I have brought it. I answered that everyone brings and what I can't bring. He said, " No, I can't see anyone else, I saw you". I said, " Why didn't you question me this earlier when I wore the jacket. Now, I have removed it then why are you asking me this ?" He said, " No, I didn't see you earlier, " I said, " Were you blind then?" He said, " Why are you arguing ?" I said, "I'll ". Immediately he started calling other teachers and told them to come to room no. 1 at once. At his call, the other teachers came and Rajiv(Name Changed) told them, " This girl is arguing with me ". Abhishek(Name Changed) sir said to me, " He is your teacher, you should respect him." I replied to him, " Sir, you're talking about teacher and respect. I just want to say something he isn't a teacher. He doesn't behave like a teacher. Whatever he did with me was the worst." Abhishek sir(Name Changed) asked me, " Did he behave badly with you ?" I replied, " Yes, I went to tuition to him and there he behaved very badly with me. And after that incident, I can't consider him as a teacher and I can't give respect to such a person. I give respect to each and every teacher and elder but I can't give respect to him. " After that, all the teachers who were present in the room, Abhishek sir, Gaurav sir(Name Changed), Arijit Chakraborty Sir(Name Changed) told me to give exam peacefully and they all just left the room. Then Rajiv(Name Changed) asked me, " Why are you bringing the topic of tuition here in the school ? And whatever happened just forget it and leave it ." 

she ended with, "But Madam, whatever happened with me I can't leave it. Those scenes still haunt me. It was a dreadful situation. I was just a 13 years old girl at that time. So, madam, I request you to take a step as soon as possible cause I don't want other girls to suffer the same thing which I suffered".

On the 25th of January, our reporter reached to Triborna Das, the Acting Head Mistress (AHM) of the institution. When she was asked about the circulation of the application letter on the social media platform, she replied that she is not at all aware of the fact that the application has gone viral socially. She also said that the application was submitted to her and it has been forwarded to the president of the institute for probe and further actions.

Later on, after the AHM confirmed that the application has been transferred to the president of the institution, our reporter further reached out to president Shantanu Roy. He Said, 'I have received the application and the right one will get Justice after proper investigation and judgement'.

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