Silchar's daughter Shabnam Surita Shines as Presenter of DW's 'Meet The German'

Silchar's daughter Shabnam Surita Shines as Presenter of DW's 'Meet The German'

Sep 3, 2023 - 18:23
Silchar's daughter Shabnam Surita Shines as Presenter of DW's 'Meet The German'
Silchar's daughter Shabnam Surita Shines as Presenter of DW's 'Meet The German'. Source: Barak Bulletin.

Silchar, Assam: Silchar and the entire Barak Valley are basking in pride as Shabnam Surita, daughter of renowned singer and professor Subhaprasad Nandi Mazumdar and Jayeeta Nandy Mazumdar, takes the helm as the presenter of Deutsche Welle's (DW) popular show, 'Meet The German.' DW, a prestigious German international broadcaster, has chosen Shabnam Surita to offer a captivating glimpse into Germany through her eyes.

Deutsche Welle's Rising Star

Deutsche Welle, commonly referred to as DW, often compared to the BBC of Germany, has announced the return of 'Meet the Germans' with Shabnam Surita as its new presenter. This thrilling development comes with the inaugural episode, where Shabnam invites viewers on her journey as she establishes a new life in Germany, thousands of kilometers away from her homeland, India.

'Meet The Germans' with Shabnam Surita

Shabnam Surita's 'Meet The German' promises to provide a unique perspective on all things German. Viewers can anticipate engaging in typical German activities, receiving insider tips about life in Germany, and gaining a deeper understanding of Germans, all from the lens of someone who, like them, navigates life in this captivating country.

In the first episode, Shabnam Surita astounds viewers with her impeccable command over both English and German, effortlessly switching between the two languages, showcasing her linguistic finesse.

From Silchar to the World Stage

Shabnam Surita, a journalist hailing from Silchar, is currently serving as an editor at DW. Her educational journey took her from Collegiate School Silchar to Jadavpur University, where she earned a BA in Political Science. She continued her pursuit of knowledge with a Masters in International Relations and Affairs from the same institution, followed by a PhD in Philosophy with a focus on South Asian Studies from The University of Bonn. During her doctoral studies, she formed a lasting association with the German Pubcaster, where she worked in various capacities, starting as an intern and eventually joining full-time after completing an 18-month journalistic traineeship.

As Shabnam Surita embarks on this exciting new chapter as the face of 'Meet The German,' she carries with her the pride of her hometown. Her journey promises to be a captivating exploration of German culture and life, through the lens of a talented journalist and singer who is making her mark on the world stage. Silchar and the Barak Valley eagerly await her insights and discoveries as she brings Germany closer to home through the power of storytelling.

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