Team UJJAWALA Cachar & Maiti Nepal NGO Successfully led a rescue operation of Trafficking Girl from Red light area of Silchar. Know how they saved the girls.

Successful Rescue operation of Trafficking Girl from Red Light Area of Silchar with the help of Team UJJAWALA, Cachar and Maiti Nepal NGO and Successful Repatriation of both the Trafficked girls back to Nepal.

Mar 21, 2023 - 21:06
Team UJJAWALA Cachar & Maiti Nepal NGO Successfully led a rescue operation of Trafficking Girl from Red light area of Silchar. Know how they saved the girls.

Rita (name changed) a minor girl from Pokra, Nepal was Trafficked from Nepal to the Red Light Area of Silchar, Assam, India by two traffickers. The traffickers assured her a good life and education and lured her to Silchar. She had been held at Silchar brothel by one women who drugged her and forced her in prostitution . Two people who Trafficked her were arrested by Nepal Police.

From various sources the team UJJAWALA, Cachar got information regarding this case and planned a rescue operation with the help of Police Administration as soon as possible. 

On 1/02/2023 with the help of Cachar Police the minor Trafficked girl was rescued from the Meherpur area of Silchar. As the traffickers shifted her there from the red light area to hide her. But the team of Ujjawala along with the police force rescued the minor Trafficked girl Successfully and kept her in safe custody at Ujjawala Shelter Home, Cachar.

Few days back another information has been received by team *Maiti Nepal* (NGO) that a Major girl from Nepal Ms. Ganga (Name changed) has been trafficked to Silchar Red Light Area. Most of the Nepali major and minor girls were Trafficked to India for several years via Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai etc and this perticular girl (Ganga) was first brought to Delhi 3 years ago and now she has been engaged in forced prostitution at Silchar Redlight Area for past 1.5 years. Her son aged 4 was at Delhi living under one trafficker.


Hence, they shared information with Ujjawala Shelter Home and on 13/03/2023 team UJJAWALA Cachar and Maiti Nepal NGO rescued the girl from the Relight Area with the help of Superintendent of Police, Cachar and Cachar Police. With the help of Delhi Police her son was also successfully brought to Ujjawala Shelter Home and reunited with his mother again.

After that team Maiti Nepal NGO started investing both the matters and tried to find their parents (Rita andGanga) at Nepal. They found Rita's parents and got the information that a missing complaint was registered about her under Nepal police. On the other hand one previously rescued trafficking victim from the same area who is currently at Nepal has confirmed her Ganga's location. Later on Maiti Nepal found her family also.

After rescuing her by Cachar Police and the team both the trafficking victims has been kept at Ujjawala Shelter Home, Cachar for safe custody. 

Maiti Nepal NGO team and Ujjawala Shelter Home, Cachar has been working together for the past 10 (Ten) years against Human Trafficking.

So on Monday Maitei Nepal NGO Team came to Silchar , Assam along with the minor girl's father and received both of the them and took them back to Nepal and after all official formalities repatriation was done successfully.

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