Color Sand Art organised by DC Cachar at Annapurna Ghat, Dudhpatil

An innovative step was taken by our district administration, Cachar today by organising a color sand art event, under SVEEP campaign 2021 for generating voter awareness among people of cachar.

Mar 21, 2021 - 06:27
Color Sand Art organised by DC Cachar at Annapurna Ghat, Dudhpatil
DC Cachar, Kriti Jalli participating in the Colour Sand Art with other artists.

SVEEP Campaign 2021, is pressing more onto the Art Campaign as art captures the eye of people belonging to all age groups, Community and different strata.

A Cachar District Administration initiative, first-ever Sand Art Event in Cachar. Young sand artists and students from various colleges volunteered to participate in the event and successfully created a few mesmerizing sand arts with different themes and in myriad colours.Each sand art carries a unique message for the public and the sight is surely something to stay in our memories.

DC Cachar Keerthi Jalli IAS says, “This Garv Cachar themed~Election Campaign 2021, is turning out to be a huge success with all the events covered so far.Today we choose this low voter turnout area to organize our Sand Art Event to create more awareness among the people.

I'm very happy to see the culture of Cachar flourishing so beautifully and to see so many young talented artists of the valley gathered together to make this happen”.

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