District Administration Cachar on friday launched a gaming App: Vote-Ji

In a press conference on friday, DC Cachar launched a gaming app named Vote-Ji. The administration expects the app to attract voters and spread awareness.

Mar 19, 2021 - 15:22
District Administration Cachar on friday launched a gaming App: Vote-Ji
Vote-jii app launched by DC cachar for voter awareness

Sports and games have been the favorite pastime of us human beings, since time immemorial.

And in today's world, there's always some fun tool or a special twist in every platform to make a study or work enjoyable, while adding value to our lives.

So, this idea inception happened as the Cachar District Administration was brainstorming how to make more people aware of the importance of their vote and at the same time to capture their interest.

Then they came up with this unique idea of a game called — Vote Ji'.

This game sort of quiz more is designed specifically to attract young voters who are very much into mobile, gaming, and apps these days.

Existing website portals are good for info but at times they appear a bit monotonous too.

ADC Vibhor Agarwal says, “This app was primarily developed to ensure that more and more voters have an interesting Avenue to play on and to get more information as well.”.

DC Cachar Keerthi Jalli (IAS) took it a notch further and gave us some deep insights into the 'Vote-Ji' game such as- “The Avatars in the game are prepared while minding Cachar traditions, like Bengali, Manipuri, Islamic, Bihari, Dimasa, and others...”.

The Quizzes in the game are placed at various levels with updated features that allow the user to participate in upcoming events and gain more points.

DC Cachar also appealed to the young voters to come, participate more and enjoy the game, also to ensure maximum success in the upcoming polls.

The Vote-Ji App can be downloaded from Play Store, and it will be available on Apple App Store also in a few days.

Other essential details include: -

✓ Sign up option for first-time users and login not required repeatedly for subsequent uses.

✓Basic details name phone number and password required for registration.

✓Name of Polling Booth LAC is required to use any feature,it ensures that the voters are aware of basic information and what goes on in their district.

✓Click a selfie to earn more points at your polling booth.

✓Clicking on YouTube links to the district administration's official channel will fetch one more brownie point.

After voting is over, the members with max points will be felicitated by the Cachar administration.

And specifically, first-time voters majorly enthused in the electoral poll 2021.

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