Mizoram and the origin of this conflict

When India defeated Pakistan in 1971, Mizo CM, Joramrhanga was hiding in Pakistan along with his comrades. He was involved with an MNF unit named "Joshua"

Jul 29, 2021 - 21:13
Mizoram and the origin of this conflict
Clash Point of Assam Mizoram Border Dispute

Assam is not the only state Mizoram is at loggerheads with. Mizoram also has conflicts with other states on its border. Last year, Mizoram targeted a village on the Tripura border because Hindus of the village planned to construct a Shiva temple.
I am annexing the link. https://indianexpress.com/article/north-east-india/mizoram/mizoram-imposes-section-144-in-disputed-village-along-tripura-border-over-temple-construction-6758909/lite/?__twitter_impression=true

When India defeated Pakistan in 1971, Mizo CM, Joramrhanga was hiding in Pakistan along with his comrades. He was involved with an MNF unit named "Joshua". (I will discuss about the history of MNF later on.). It was named after the Biblical commander Joshua who defeated, killed Pagan. Mizoram CM himself confesses in his interview, he was in Islamabad until 1975 as part of ISI training to MNF. When the Indian army conquered Dhaka, he managed to escape narrowly. He calls it "James Bond type escape". I am annexing the link.

 During the Mizoram insurgency, Hindus were targeted. Violence was unleashed on Hindus and 34,000 Hindu Reang(Bru) were kicked out of Mizoram. They are still living in refugee tents of Tripura. The Hindu Reangs were original inhabitants before the Mizo migration. However, they were ruthlessly targeted."Quit Mizoram" notices with deadlines were posted in Reang villages. “Mizoram is for Mizos only” said Pu Laldenga. He later became Mizoram CM

Recently, 6 soldiers of Assam police were martyred defending territorial boundaries of Assam from Mizoram encroachers backed by Mizoram police. Mizoram was earlier a district in Assam by name of "Mizo hills"
When it started agitation for statehood, its population was 1.96 lakh. Even today, the Mizoram population is 10.91 lakhs.

So, The question arises Who are the "Mizos"? 

Earlier, this region so-called Mizoram was inhabited by Reangs (Hindu) & Chakmas (Buddhist). There was no trace of any "Mizo". Who we now refer to as "Mizos" are actually a collection of distinct tribes like Lushai, Kuki, Paite  & Hmar. They all came to India in the 18th century. Missionary organisations started working there. They converted the Lushai people. The new Lushai tribe converts formed a "Young Lushai Association" in 1935. One of the stated aims of the association was to "remove every trace of pre-Christian pagan culture among the tribes"The Christian association stressed for a common identity of all converted tribes. Converted tribes began to increasingly use the common, now Christian, the identity of "Mizo" as opposed to anything specific to any tribe."Young Lushai Association" renamed itself  "Young Mizo Association". Lushai Hills were renamed as "Mizo Hills"
Thus the ethnogenesis of Mizos. During the time of Independence, A group of Mizos formed "United Mizo Freedom Organisation".
They demanded that this region be merged in Burma as opposed to India. They claimed that they were ethnically closer to Burmese Chin than Hindus.
When their demands of separate nationhood were ignored, Mizo separatists formed an organization named Mizo National Front (MNF) in 1966. Here comes this organization, which is responsible for the killing of 6 brave soldiers of Assam.

Their aim was to "kick India out of  Mizoram through violent means if necessary".
They began killing Assamese, Hindus & Army Men. Many of the Mizo youth escaped to East Pakistan(Bangladesh) to receive military training. The Present CM of Mizoram, ZoramthangaCM was a member of this group MNF. He himself confessed it in a media conversation. (Link was shared earlier) .This is nothing, In 2018, people in Mizoram protested because "Mizoram was a Christian state and the Centre has appointed a Hindu Governor" centre removed the Governor. Link  https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2018/may/30/campaign-in-mizoram-to-drive-out-radical-hindu-governor-kummanam-rajasekharan-1821517.html and In response, BJP set up a missionary cell in Mizoram. For Mizoram, which does not celebrate "International Yoga Day" because Church considers Yoga "anti-Christian". Link

So,  it is impossible to manage Mizoram until and unless the centre takes strong action just like they have taken steps in Lakshadeep and JK. We must understand this fact that this conflict is not with Assam, it's a conflict between two mindsets, Two ideologies and more specifically Mizoram has a conflict with the concept of Ek Bharat, Sresht Bharat. 

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