The Tennis Club, Silchar, hosts grand tournaments to mark 75 years

Nov 23, 2023 - 21:48
The Tennis Club, Silchar, hosts grand tournaments to mark 75 years
The Tennis Club, Silchar, hosts grand tournaments to mark 75 years

Silchar, November 16, 2023: The Tennis Club in Silchar is gearing up for a spectacular event as it prepares to host the All Assam Tennis Association Ranking Junior Meet 2023 and the North East Masters Prize Money Tournament 2023. Scheduled from November 24th to 27th, 2023, the event holds special significance as it coincides with the Tennis Club's Platinum Jubilee, marking 75 years of its existence.

Players eager to participate in these prestigious tournaments will adhere to the entry fees set in accordance with the rules and regulations of the All Assam Tennis Association (AATA) and All India Tennis Association (AITA). Adding to the excitement, the Tennis Club, Silchar, is taking a noteworthy step by organizing the first-ever Barak Valley Open Tournament, making it an inclusive platform for young talents from the Barak Valley to showcase their skills.

In a remarkable move towards inclusivity, the tournament welcomes participants of all ages, including young children, ensuring a broad spectrum of talent on display. With an impressive projected participation of over 120 individuals, the total budget for the event stands at Rs. 4.5 Lakhs, with an enticing prize money pool of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs awaiting the winners.

To further encourage budding talents, the Tennis Club is set to provide scholarships, affirming their commitment to nurturing the next generation of tennis stars. All participants will also enjoy the hospitality of the club as lunch will be provided throughout the event.

The grand opening ceremony, scheduled for 9 PM, will be inaugurated by Silchar MLA Dipayan Chakraborty. Adding to the grandeur, the Joint Secretary of the All Assam Tennis Association will also be present, emphasizing the significance of the event on a regional level.

The tournaments are structured to accommodate various age groups and categories. The All Assam Junior Ranking Tournament is open to players under 10, 12, 14, and 18 years in both boys and girls categories, featuring singles matches. Additionally, under-18 players can also participate in both singles and doubles events.

For the veterans, the North East Open Masters Tournament caters to participants in the age groups of 40, 50, and 60, focusing on doubles matches. Simultaneously, the Barak Valley Open Men's Tournament invites players from the Barak Valley, emphasizing doubles matches and offering a unique opportunity for local enthusiasts to engage in friendly competition.

As the Tennis Club, Silchar, embarks on this milestone celebration, the tournaments promise not only fierce competition but also a celebration of the sport's rich history in the region. Stay tuned for updates on this sporting extravaganza, where talent meets tradition in the heart of Silchar.

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