Assam Civil Rights Committee Plans "Black Day" Protest Against Contentious Delimitation Notification

Assam Civil Rights Committee Plans "Black Day" Protest Against Contentious Delimitation Notification

Aug 30, 2023 - 23:25
Aug 30, 2023 - 23:27
Assam Civil Rights Committee Plans "Black Day" Protest Against Contentious Delimitation Notification

Reported by: Samdipto Chakravarti

Silchar, Aug 30, 2023– The Coordination Committee for Civil Rights in Assam, in collaboration with the Assam Management Association, has convened a press conference to announce a "Black Day" protest against an alleged unconstitutional and separatist delimitation notification impacting Barak Valley. The demonstration, set for Sept 4, has gained traction with support from various groups and concerned citizens.

Addressing the media at the CTVOA office on Trunk Road, distinguished figures such as Tapodhir Bhattacharya, former vice-chancellor of Assam University and central committee chairman, expressed apprehensions about the Election Commission of India's actions. He asserted that the commission's final circular issued on Aug 11 attempts to infringe upon Barak Valley residents' constitutional rights, raising doubts among the informed public.

Sadhan Purkayash, Co-Chairman of the committee, underscored the determination of Barak Valley's residents to reject the notification. He urged people to participate in the protest by wearing black attire, displaying black flags, adorning black badges, and even darkening their social media profiles.

Kishore Kumar Bhattacharya, the organization's general secretary, outlined plans to intensify the fight against the delimitation by pursuing a Supreme Court case and initiating a mass movement. According to him, reducing key assembly seats in Barak Valley infringes upon residents' representation rights and hampers development prospects. The committee denounces this as part of an alleged anti-Barak conspiracy by the Assam government, prompting a call for a robust protest movement.

Subrata Chandra Nath, organization vice-president, affirmed that Barak Valley's populace firmly rejects the divisive draft delimitation, as evidenced by a successful strike earlier. He criticized the Election Commission for disregarding public sentiment and proceeding with the final notification, ignoring citizens' viewpoints. Nath pledged continued resistance for the region's people.

Former MLA Maulana Ataur Rahman Mazharbhuiya accused the Election Commission of aiding radical-provincialist forces. He decried the unilateral implementation of the final notification as a move to erode Barak Valley's political influence. Mazharbhuiya emphasized that this action wouldn't be tolerated under any circumstances.

The press conference featured a diverse range of speakers, including district president Prof. Niranjan Dutta, editors Madhusudan Kar and Hillol Bhattacharya, representatives from groups like the Forum for Social Harmony and Proposed Delimitation Anti-Manch, and political figures such as Sanjeev Roy, Loknath Debroy, Simeon Bhattacharya, and others from various parties.

As tensions rise and concerns persist, the Black Day protest on Sept 4 is positioned as a pivotal event in Barak Valley's ongoing struggle for civil rights protection and against what many view as an unjust delimitation process.

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