Roads closed, trains cancelled, flight fares skyrocketing as Monsoon isolates Barak Valley once again

Roads closed, trains cancelled, flight fares skyrocketing as Monsoon isolates Barak Valley once again

May 1, 2024 - 16:07
May 3, 2024 - 15:02
Roads closed, trains cancelled, flight fares skyrocketing as Monsoon isolates Barak Valley once again
Roads closed, trains cancelled, flight fares skyrocketing as Monsoon isolates Barak Valley once again

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- Bedobrata Banerjee

As the years go by, governments change, but the fate of Barak residents remains unchanged. With the onset of the monsoon season, ordinary people are facing extreme hardships. It seems like the same old tradition continues, with no significant changes in sight. Instead, with each passing day, the situation seems to be getting even more dire.

Notably, the rainy season has not fully commenced yet. However, nature's wrath has already wreaked havoc on the entire region, including the remote areas like Shilchar. On one hand, fierce storms and heavy rains have left people's homes in disarray.

On the other hand, broken roads and bridges have worsened the situation. The residents are in distress, yet this is not new. For decades, the people of Barak have suffered during the monsoon season.

Currently, the road from Guwahati to Barak is severed at multiple points, with landslides blocking the way. Consequently, thousands of vehicles are stranded on both sides of the road. But the woes don't end here.

The loading Badarpur rail route had suffered disruptions days ago due to severe storms and landslides. As a result, train services on this route are yet to return to normal. Trains are being cancelled daily, causing further inconvenience.

Taking advantage of the dire situation on the roads and rails, various airlines have hiked their fares overnight. Booking flights from Shilchar to Guwahati route now costs between 16,000 to 19,000, far beyond the reach of ordinary people. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time such a situation has arisen. Airlines have exploited the skies during the rainy season before.


At this moment, roads, rails, and skies seem to be in disarray in Barak. The impact is being felt in the daily lives of ordinary people. The prices of essential goods have skyrocketed overnight. If the situation doesn't normalize soon, prices are expected to rise further. However, this isn't a new phenomenon; every year, during the rainy season, the people of Barak face such hardships.

Yet, the ordeal doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon. According to the weather department's forecast, heavy rainfall accompanied by storms and hailstorms is expected until the 4th or 5th of May.

This will only worsen the situation for the flood-affected residents of Silchar and surrounding areas. The drainage systems seem overwhelmed, turning streets into rivers. The situation is particularly dire on National Highway points like Sonaighat Road, which has been submerged for days. The condition of the roads is deplorable, especially Hospital Road, which is known as a lifeline.

Even though efforts were made to repair the Hospital Road before Home Minister Amit Shah, Road Show, the road eventually returned to its previous state within three to four days. Most parts of the city are inundated, making it nearly impossible for ordinary people to leave their homes.

The situation is no different for the residents of Sonai Road. They are also facing the brunt of the floods.

The plight of the residents is being discussed daily on social media platforms. However, despite the outcry, there seems to be no action from leaders, ministers, or the administration. Consequently, residents have expressed their dissatisfaction through votes.

The condition of Shiva Bari Road is lamentable, as it has been in a dilapidated state for decades.

While governments may change, the fate of the people remains the same. The situation in Sonaighat Road and Shiva Bari Road remains unchanged, despite the passage of time. The residents continue to suffer due to waterlogging and inadequate infrastructure.

Yet, every day, politicians engage in blame games on social media platforms, instead of taking responsibility for their constituents' welfare. Amidst all this chaos, ordinary people are left to fend for themselves, struggling to navigate through flooded roads and disrupted traffic systems.

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